We promote heuristic enablement to improve your net worth by following a three-step process.
First, we complete your tax return in alignment with the rules set forth by the government.
Second, as a part of your service fee (see below) we provide a video tutorial explaining how you can and should do this yourself until your tax picture becomes overly complex.
Third, the following year we ask to review your returns before you file just to confirm everything is in order.

Our prices are fixed and firm at a competitive rate of $125.

National averages hover above $280 for this target market. Honestly, we think that kind of ridiculous. It shouldn’t be that high. Our internal cost is $105. After taxes, we will make approximately $20 in profit from this business. That’s not the important part. What’s really important is that if we can teach you to do this your self, over the course of 10 years this fee savings could easily equate to over $5,000 in your investment account. That’s the goal. That’s the motion.

CPFS Tax & Accounting, and its subsidiaries are based in the USA. CPFS Tax & Accounting is a sister company of Healthy Coin, LLC.

We do business differently.

Solutions Focused

Let's strategically find solutions.
That's where the value is.

Competitive Pricing

You always know up front what you're paying for. So we can concentrate on the relationship and the solutions, rather than the invoice.

Strategic Expertise

We possess the knowledge to lower tax burdens and improve cash flow.


We don't do transactional.
We do transformational.

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